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The documentation will walk you through the basic integration options and processes within the Paysley payments platform. By following the documentation you will have a basic understanding of the Paysley API. It covers all aspects of the payments platform and provides an easy to use sandbox environment that is made available to you. Code samples in some of the most used languages are provided to get you up and running in no time.

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The environments we provide
Development System
Every activity or transaction through this system is treated as a test activity or test transaction. We will provide test payment methods that will be allowed to be used on the test environment, this will allow you to build and test your applications easily on the Paysley payments platform. SMS messages are limited to 15 per account on the test environment.
Production System
Every activity or transaction through this system is treated as a real activity or transaction. All transactions assigned in the request are charged to your merchant’s account and cards used are debited as real transactions. Some services follow a pay as you use model please refer to your transactional fees for further details.
Paysley is a multicurrency payment solution and currently operates in the following regions :
  • United States
  • Canada
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